Don’s teachings on emptiness

It has been so wonderful to hear teachings on emptiness. Yes, it is a very difficult topic to wrap ones brain around but each time I hear a teaching on emptiness I have a little more understanding. Having members ask questions and really get involved is inspiring and gives us all a slightly different view on this topic. So far we have gone over various things including calm abiding meditation and how it is needed in order to realize emptiness. There are 6 essential causes to achieving this calm abiding meditation, If one really practices this then it seems that in the scheme of things it really doesn’t take that long to achieve it. In our busy western lives we really need to commit and remove ourselves from daily activities for at least 6 months but that should only happen if we have already taken the time to practice at home and gotten to a certain level. The thing I like to remember is that these things aren’t easy by any means but incredibly worth the effort if you have the long term goal of becoming enlightened for the sake of all beings. Big goal indeed!!! One small step at a time. No need to get overwhelmed.

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